A Cabinet of Curiosities

This dress was designed for the character of a homeless women keeping her meagre possessions and memories inside the old frame of her crinoline, bridging the centuries with tokens of her experiences.
The dress was bound in maps, and the inside of the crinoline was quilted in sections, and was visible through the small doors set around the skirt, each giving a different view of the inside.

Clockwise from top right, photos 1, 2, and 3 by Danny Garside

Armour Plated Corset

This corset was inspired by medieval armour. The base under-bust corset was covered in metallic silver fabric, then small sections of 'plating' were attached on top. The plating was made of a variety of fabrics, which were distressed with heat. Some panels were also made of knitted wire and wool, and dyed stretch knit to make fabrics imitating chain mail. 

Photo by Danny Garside

Mary Bell

This costume was designed for the child murderer Mary Bell, incorporating elements of the evidence used to convict her. 


This is a costume I made for 'The Tailor' from the German set of cautionary tales, 'Shock Headed Peter'. He attacks children who suck their thumbs, and cuts of their fingers with his big shears. One side of the lining of the jacket has sweets to lure children in, and small pockets to store the thumbs in. The other has a collection of tailoring tools. 
Photos by Danny Garside